The Innovation Studios Privacy Policy

The Innovation Studios is a Technology Start Up that makes Mobile Application, Games, Software and Websites. We do collect our users and clients personal information such as their Mobile Number, Email etc. However, when we do so, we will inform them about where and how their data is being collected and managed. Not all of the applications and services we offer requires any form of data collection. We are very strict in terms of who will have access to the data collected.

Our Games

In our games, we do not collect any form of personal information from majority of our users. We do collect email, name and contact information from our early beta users, and those who have filed in bug reports. During the game, we do not collect any form of user data. We do collect their session and game progress in order to give them their personal gaming experience.

Our Software

When clients engage us to create software for their business, we will manually collect their data and it will not be disclose to anyone else. The data is restrictedly for communication purpose. Unless mention in project guides, we will not collect any form of data using the piece of software created for our clients.

Our Websites

We use Firebase to host our Website. We may use cookies to track the users session data but we will not use it for any form of advertising tracking. Since Firebase is from a Google enterprise, they may use tracking of some sort but it will be disclose to those who are visiting the sites.

Data Usage

We have no intention of using the data for email marketing or selling it to third party enterprise. All data collected will be strictly confidential.

Contact Us

If you have any other queries about the Privacy Policy stated, you can email us at

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